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Fire disturbance in boreal forests can release carbon to the atmosphere stored in both the aboveground vegetation and the organic soil layer. Estimating pyrogenic emissions of carbon released during biomass burning in these forests is useful for understanding and estimating global carbon budgets. In this work, we have developed a method to estimate carbon(More)
Image registration tasks are often formulated in terms of minimization of a functional consisting of a data fidelity term penalizing the mismatch between the reference and the target image, and a term enforcing smoothness of shift between neighboring pairs of pixels (a min-sum problem). Most methods for deformable image registration use some form of(More)
In images acquired by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), regions corresponding to the same concentration of fluorophores in the specimen should be mapped to the same grayscale levels. However, in practice, due to multiple distortion effects, CLSM images of even homogeneous specimen regions suffer from irregular brightness variations, e.g., darkening(More)
A multi-resolution application in modern confocal microscopy is based on a set of objectives with different resolution and motorized XY stage. An image captured through a low-resolution objective serves as navigation map where the user points to positions or areas of interest in which a high-resolution image will be captured. This allows e.g. automated(More)
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