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Web services are standard-based software components that can be accessed over the Inter-net by other software components. The main goal of the web services is system integration, where web standards are supposed to provide a universal interoperability between applications. The functionality of a web service can vary from simple remote procedure call-like(More)
It is common for large organizations to maintain repositories of business process models in order to document and to continuously improve their operations. Given such a repository, this paper deals with the problem of retrieving those models in the repository that most closely resemble a given process model or fragment thereof. Up to now, there is a notable(More)
Business process modeling is heavily applied in practice, but important quality issues have not been addressed thoroughly by research. A notorious problem is the low level of modeling competence that many casual modelers in process documentation projects have. Existing approaches towards model quality might be of benefit, but they suffer from at least one(More)
Complexity has undesirable effects on, among others, the correctness, maintainability, and understandability of business process models. Yet, measuring complexity of business process models is a rather new area of research with only a small number of contributions. In this paper, we survey findings from neighboring disciplines on how complexity can be(More)
Business process modeling is an important corporate activity , but the understanding of what constitutes good process models is still rather limited. In this paper, we turn to the cognitive dimensions framework and identify the understanding of the structural relationship between any pair of model elements as a hard mental operation. Based on the(More)
Quality aspects become increasingly important when business process modeling is used in a large-scale enterprise setting. In order to facilitate a storage without redundancy and an efficient retrieval of relevant process models in model databases it is required to develop a theoretical understanding of how a degree of behavioral similarity can be defined.(More)