Jan Mehlich

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“These are the days of miracles and horrors and hubris. The unveiling of the first synthetic living cell in May (2010) signaled that synthetic biology had emerged as a new technological frontier. Meanwhile, the Faustian bargain of a past frontier—using fossil fuels to provide energy—has come home to roost in the oilruined Gulf of Mexico, and in calls to(More)
The extent to which technology impacts society and its development has sharpened worldwide awareness of the importance of accompanying technological progress with an advanced reflection on the ethical and social implications of this process. Constructive approaches such as Technology Assessment (TA), Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), or lately,(More)
"Ethics in Chemistry" is a huge topic with various viewpoints and arguments on what it actually is and what compliance to ethical guidelines and participation in ethical discourse imply, covering principles of science and research ethics, profession ethics, and technology ethics. Overview and clarity are lost easily. The authors-members of the recently(More)
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