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In this article, we present two new algorithms for solving given triangular systems in parallel on a shared memory architecture. Multilevel incomplete LU factorization based preconditioners, which have been very successful for solving linear systems iteratively, require these triangular solves. Hence, the algorithms presented here can be seen as(More)
In this article, we present several new permutations for I-matrices making these more suitable for incomplete LDU-factorization preconditioners used in solving linear systems by iterative methods. A general matrix can be transformed by row permutation as well as row and columns scaling into an I-matrix, i.e. a matrix having elements of modulus 1 on the(More)
Recent advances in multilevel LU factorizations and novel preprocessing techniques have led to an extremely large number of possibilities for preconditioning sparse, unsymmetric linear systems for solving with iterative methods. However, not all combinations work well for all systems, so making the right choices is essential for obtaining an efficient(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether mental practice of wrist movements during forearm immobilization maintains range of motion. DESIGN Randomized controlled trial. PARTICIPANTS Eighteen healthy young men aged between 20 and 30 years were assigned to either a control or a mental practice group. Both groups were immobilized with a circular forearm cast for 3(More)
The vibrational spectrum of CaCO3 aragonite: A combined experimental and quantum-mechanical investigation Raman spectroscopy of ferroelectric Sn2P2S6 under high pressure up to 40GPa: Phase transitions and metallization J. Enhanced phonon scattering by mass and strain field fluctuations in Nb substituted FeVSb half-Heusler thermoelectric materials Ab initio(More)
The HORUS spectrometer at the 10MV Tandem accelerator at the Institute for Nuclear Physics in Cologne consists of 14 high-purity germanium γ-detectors. To extend the experimental opportunities, the new silicon-detector array SONIC was designed, housing eight ΔE-E sandwich silicon detectors for ion spectroscopy. In order to process all 30(More)
We present in-coupling gratings for improving the performance of thin film organic solar cells. The impact of the grating on the absorption in the active layer is modeled and explained using a standard cell architecture. An increase in absorption of 14.8% is predicted and is shown to be independent from the active material. The structure is then applied on(More)