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The Amsterdam Library of Object Images
We present the ALOI collection of 1,000 objects recorded under various imaging circumstances. In order to capture the sensory variation in object recordings, we systematically varied viewing angle,Expand
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Visual Word Ambiguity
This paper studies automatic image classification by modeling soft assignment in the popular codebook model. The codebook model describes an image as a bag of discrete visual words selected from aExpand
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The challenge problem for automated detection of 101 semantic concepts in multimedia
We introduce the challenge problem for generic video indexing to gain insight in intermediate steps that affect performance of multimedia analysis methods, while at the same time fosteringExpand
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Kernel Codebooks for Scene Categorization
This paper introduces a method for scene categorization by modeling ambiguity in the popular codebook approach. The codebook approach describes an image as a bag of discrete visual codewords, whereExpand
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Performance evaluation of local colour invariants
In this paper, we compare local colour descriptors to grey-value descriptors. We adopt the evaluation framework of Mikolayzcyk and Schmid. We modify the framework in several ways. We decompose theExpand
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Material-specific adaptation of color invariant features
For the modeling of materials, the mapping of image features onto a codebook of feature representatives receives extensive treatment. For reason of their generality and simplicity, filterbank outputsExpand
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Emotional valence categorization using holistic image features
Can a machine learn to perceive emotions as evoked by an artwork? Here we propose an emotion categorization system, trained by ground truth from psychology studies. The training data containsExpand
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Color texture measurement and segmentation
In computer vision, measurement of image properties such as color or texture is essential. In this paper, we propose a solid framework for the local measurement of texture in color images. We give aExpand
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Color Invariance
This paper presents the measurement of colored object reflectance, under different, general assumptions regarding the imaging conditions. We exploit the Gaussian scale-space paradigm for color imagesExpand
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A Six-Stimulus Theory for Stochastic Texture
We report a six-stimulus basis for stochastic texture perception. Fragmentation of the scene by a chaotic process causes the spatial scene statistics to conform to a Weibull-distribution. TheExpand
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