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PURPOSE Major pelvic injuries resulting from high-energy trauma require emergency hospital treatment, and part of the initial management includes mechanical stabilisation of the pelvis. Controversies include binder position, use in lateral compression injuries and application during radiological assessment. We present the results of a survey of both(More)
The paper presents influence of mechanical surface damage on corrosion resistance of plates made of Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel, used in funnel chest treatment. The surface of the steel was electrochemically polished and fitted. The surface damage is induced in the given deformation regions and is a potential reason of corrosion. The corrosion tests were(More)
This paper presents the results of numerical analysis aimed at determining the state of stresses and displacements of compression plate used in osteosynthesis of tibia, carried out by applying finite element method using the ANSYS program. The analysis took into account two variants of the osteosynthesis. Variant I included the osteosynthesis in which plate(More)