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Of 293 patients who underwent computed tomography (CT), surgery, and pathologic examination for chronic sinusitis, 25 had a diagnosis of fungal sinusitis at pathologic examination. Of these, 22 had foci of increased attenuation at CT (in four patients the mean representative CT number [Hounsfied unit] was 122.2 HU [SD, 8.2 HU]), and three did not. Of the(More)
Alcohol-dependent patients (N = 15) with comorbid non-psychotic psychiatric disorders were treated with Modified Interpersonal Group Therapy (MIGT) for eight weeks, 16 sessions, in a pilot intervention trial. Analysis of the group participants demonstrated that they achieved statistically significant improvements at post-treatment in four of five(More)
Objective. To describe the frequency of marrow abnormalities on wrist MR imaging and the MR findings of these various abnormalities. Design and patients. Five hundred and nineteen patients were studied at 1.5 T. Two observers recorded the presence and location of avascular necrosis, occult fractures and arthritic edema [focal osteoarthritis, ulnolunate(More)
Hemorrhage is a recognized occurrence in hepatocellular carcinoma but is infrequently seen with tumors metastatic to the liver. This complication was observed in three patients with primary hepatic malignancy and in four patients with hepatic metastases (melanoma, two; colon, one; breast, one) who were studied by CT. Hemorrhage occurred in the patient with(More)
Seven infants in congestive heart failure underwent high dose angiocardiography for diagnosis of severe congenital heart disease and subsequently displayed delayed opacification of the gallbladder. Biliary excretion of sufficient volume to opacify the gallbladder occurred despite structurally normal kidneys and no evidence of renal failure. Decreased renal(More)
Bone and gallium scintigraphy were performed as part of the diagnostic workup of a 21-yr-old woman who presented at our institution with a history of progressively worsening low back pain over a 1-wk period of time. The angiographic phase of the bone scan demonstrated a well-defined radionuclide blush within the pelvis just cephalad to the urinary bladder(More)
Septic cavernous sinus thrombosis, a relatively uncommon disease entity, frequently can be fatal. Early diagnosis is imperative in order that appropriate treatment be instituted. A 59-year-old woman who was admitted to our institution with complaints of diplopia, blurred vision and fevers that developed following a tooth extraction is presented. Initial CT(More)
Fibrosarcomas of dura mater are very rare tumors representing only 0.5% of all central nervous system sarcomas. A higher incidence of dural fibrosarcomas has been reported in patients with neurofibromatosis. We present a case of spinal dura mater fibrosarcoma in a patient without neurofibromatosis. The diagnostic and therapeutic strategy in the clinical(More)