Jan-Maarten Verbree

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Mobile wireless networks offer numerous possibilities for applications in the current society. Since the radio transmitters become smaller, more and more mobile networks in which persons carry the mobile devices are developed. An example for such an network is given by a data communication network for soldiers or emergency workers, in which positions are(More)
The Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol is a well-known route discovery protocol for ad-hoc networks. OLSR optimizes the flooding of link state information through the network using multipoint relays (MPRs). Only nodes selected as MPRs are responsible for forwarding control traffic. Many research papers aim to optimize the selection of MPRs with a(More)
The many applications of wireless sensor networks make these networks very attractive and interesting for research. One of the goals of research is to create a network that has a long life-time, which means that all procedures should be very efficient because of the battery capacity of the sensor nodes. The networks become even more interesting if it is(More)
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