Jan M. van Noortwijk

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To p r e v ent the southwest of The Netherlands from ooding, the Eastern-Scheldt storm-surge barrier was constructed, has to be inspected and, when necessary, repaired. Therefore, one is interested in obtaining optimal rates of inspection for which the expected maintenance cost are minimal and the barrier is safe. For optimisation purposes, a maintenance(More)
A new, analytical, physically based, model of the vertical flow velocity profile and the hydraulic roughness of submerged vegetation has been developed. For the vegetation layer and the surface layer, different turbulence models have been applied. Model simulations correspond well with results from flume experiments reported in literature. Because the(More)
The process industry is increasingly making use of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) techniques to develop cost and/or safety optimal inspection plans. This paper proposes an adaptive Bayesian decision model to determine these optimal inspection plans under uncertain deterioration. It uses the gamma stochastic process to model the corrosion damage mechanism and(More)
In the evaluation of structural reliability, a failure is deened as the event in which stress exceeds a resistance that is liable to deterioration. This paper presents a method to combine the two stochastic processes of deteriorating resistance and uctuating load for computing the time-dependent reliability of a structural component. The deterioration(More)