Jan M. van Groenendael

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Projection matrix models are widely used in population biology to project the present state of a population into the future, either as an attempt to forecast population dynamics, or as a way to evaluate life history hypotheses. These models are flexible and mathematically relatively easy. They have been applied to a broad range of plants and animals. The(More)
This study investigated the efficacy of linear landscape elements in fragmented landscapes as corridors for perennial grassland species with short-range seed dispersal. Corridors are assumed to be essential for the persistence of metapopulations in fragmented landscapes, but it is unclear to what extent linear landscape elements such as ditch banks and road(More)
This paper examines whether high atmospheric nitrogen deposition affects aboveground persistence of vascular plants. We combined information on local aboveground persistence of vascular plants in 245 permanent plots in the Netherlands with estimated level of nitrogen deposition at the time of recording. Aboveground persistence of vascular plants was studied(More)
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