Jan M Loftesnes

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Noise is typically conceived of as being detrimental for cognitive performance; however, a recent computational model based on the concepts of stochastic resonance and dopamine related internal noise postulates that a moderate amount of auditive noise benefit individuals in hypodopaminergic states. On the basis of this model we predicted that inattentive(More)
The development of proprioceptive sensitivity was studied in 140 children between the ages of 5.8 and 11.8 years using a so-called foot-hand task. Ten boys and ten girls were included in each age group. The task required the children to locate a target pin with the "big toe" (felt target) and match the located target position with the hand, without vision.(More)
This study tested the effect of task-specific training of a perceptual ability for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) compared to control children. A manual matching task (target location and pointing task) was used, which required the children to locate target pins either visually (seen target) or proprioceptively (felt target), while(More)
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