Jan M Korte

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PURPOSE To investigate the pharmacological basis of systemic effects of atropine eyedrops, we estimated the bioavailability of ophthalmic 1% atropine solution in healthy volunteers. METHODS In a randomized crossover study we administered 0.3 mg atropine either intravenously or ocularly to six healthy volunteers. The plasma concentrations of the(More)
Steroid hormone receptors and reactivity for Ki-67 proliferation antigen were studied immunohistochemically in non-neoplastic post-menopausal human ovary and in 29 ovarian cancers. In the normal ovary, oestrogen (OR) and progesterone receptors (PR) were found in the surface epithelium and PR also in the ovarian stroma. Of the ovarian carcinomas 38 per cent(More)
The distribution of progesterone receptor (PR) in the chick ovary was studied using light- and electron-microscopic immunocytochemical methods. With the light microscopic technique, PR was observed in the germinal epithelium cells of estrogen-treated and estrogen-untreated immature chicks. With the preembedding immunocytochemical technique, which proved to(More)
Extrastriate, parietal, and frontal brain regions are differentially involved in distinct kinds of body movements and motor cognition. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we investigated the neural mechanisms underlying the observation and mental imagery of meaningful face and limb movements with or without objects. The supplementary motor area was(More)
Distribution of progesterone receptor (PR) was studied immunohistochemically in rabbit ovary and uterus using a monoclonal anti-receptor antibody. At the subcellular level, PR was located in cell nuclei of prepubertal rabbits, which were either non-treated, primed with estrogen or made pseudopregnant. At the tissue level, germinal epithelium, the external(More)
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