Jan Müller

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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether providing information about normal findings before a diagnostic test improves patients' reassurance and reduces anxiety about symptoms. DESIGN Randomised controlled trial. SETTING Outpatient cardiology clinic. PARTICIPANTS 92 patients with chest pain referred for a diagnostic exercise stress test. INTERVENTION Before(More)
A multi-modality framework for forensic soft-facial reconstruction based on computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is presented. CT is used to acquire a virtual representation of a skull find and MRI templates provide the desired soft tissue information to produce a facial likeness of a deceased individual. Two main strategies are(More)
We propose a method, which treats metal artifact reduction in CT by sinogram restoration as a problem of scattered data interpolation. Corrupted sinogram entries are discarded and replaced with artificially generated values. The presented interpolation algorithm is based on the 2D non-equispaced fast Fourier transform (NFFT). Results are compared to two(More)
We present a method to improve the quality of common sino-gram restoration algorithms, which are used for metal-artifact reduction in X-ray CT. The presented approach is based on the idea that the intersection length of all beams through the object of interest can approximately be calculated from a preliminary reconstruction of the object. Incorporating(More)
We consider the spectral correlations of clean globally hyperbolic (chaotic) quantum systems. Field theoretical methods are applied to compute quantum corrections to the leading ('diagonal') contribution to the spectral form factor. Far–reaching structural parallels, as well as a number of differences, to recent semiclassical approaches to the problem are(More)
Introduction and Motivation: fMRI is a natural source of high-dimensional time series data. Recordings are typically acquired in several hour sessions, with processing and analysis done of-fline. Due to the short amount of recording time available from any session, there is an imbalance between the comparatively small number of time slices and the high(More)