Jan-Lung Sung

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Live migration of virtual machines (VMs) can consume excessive time and resources, and may affect application performance significantly if VM memory pages get dirtied faster than their content can be transferred to the destination. Existing approaches to this problem transfer memory content faster with high-speed networks, slow down the dirtying of memory(More)
High-level synthesis is becoming more important in practical design environments to meet new system requirements and, increasingly, falllt tolerance is one especially because of high-speed and low power demands. This paper explores several basic aspects of low-cost fault tolerant synthesis for practical linear systems. It deals with practical design(More)
The evolution of cloud-computing imposes many challenges on performance testing and requires not only a different approach and methodology of performance evaluation and analysis, but also specialized tools and frameworks to support such work. In traditional performance testing, typically a single workload was run against a static test configuration. The(More)
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