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Adverse childhood experiences and adult criminality: how long must we live before we possess our own lives?
It is suggested that to decrease criminal recidivism, treatment interventions must focus on the effects of early life experiences, as criminal behavior can be added to the host of negative outcomes associated with scores on the ACE Questionnaire. Expand
Sexual Fantasies of Child Molesters
A structured interview was used to collect data concerning the mood preceding and accompanying sexual fantasies, and the way in which the other person in the fantasy was perceived by 21 childExpand
Psychopathy, Treatment Change, and Recidivism in High-Risk, High-Need Sexual Offenders
Investigation of 154 consecutive admissions to the Regional Treatment Center (Ontario) Sex Offender Treatment Program with reference to psychopathy and outcome found that among high PCL-R offenders, those rated as lower risk at post treatment in fact reoffended at a lower rate than those whose risk was rated as unchanged, although this difference failed to reach significance. Expand
Recidivism Among Treated Sexual Offenders and Matched Controls
Follow-up data are reported on 89 sexual offenders treated at the Regional Treatment Centre (Ontario) and 89 untreated sexual offenders matched for pretreatment risk. The average time at risk was 9.9Expand
Comparison of Two Risk Assessment Instruments for Sexual Offenders
  • Jan Looman
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Sexual abuse : a journal of research and…
  • 6 April 2006
The current research examines the predictive validity of the Static-99 and the SORAG in predicting sexual and violent recidivism among a sample of 258 treated high-risk sexual offenders. While theExpand
Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Sexual and Nonsexual Violent Offenders
The findings indicate that sexual offenders were more likely to abuse alcohol than were nonsexual violent offenders and nonsexual offenders were significantly more likely than other offenders to have had a history of other forms of substance abuse. Expand
Productivity of four annual legumes as green manure in dryland cropping systems
Legume species and years differed significantly in dry matter production of shoots, roots, and nodules; DM partitioning; growth habit; relative growth rate; and weediness. Expand
Responsivity Issues in the Treatment of Sexual Offenders
A review of several potential responsivity factors related to sexual offender treatment and outlines areas that require further research attention are presented. Expand
The Risk Need Responsivity Model of Offender Rehabilitation: Is There Really a Need for a Paradigm Shift?.
The current paper critically reviews the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) and Good Lives Model (GLM) approaches to correctional treatment. Research, or the lack thereof, is discussed in terms of whetherExpand
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among Sexual and Nonsexual Offenders: Relationship to Intimacy Deficits and Coping Strategy
Three groups of subjects consisting or rapists, child molesters, and a comparison group of violent offenders were examined with reference to history of alcohol abuse, history of drug abuse, intimacy deficits, and emotionally based coping strategies to discuss Marshall's theory of intimacy deficits in sexual offenders. Expand