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The product race has become an innovation race, reconciling challenges of branding, performance, time to market and competitive pricing while complying with ecological, safety and legislation constraints. The answer lies in “smart” products of high complexity, relying on heterogeneous technologies and involving active components. To keep pace with this(More)
Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite signals are used in time and frequency metrology in general and a GPS receiver can provide a reference signal for frequency and time synchronization in particular. GPS, well known as a versatile, global tool for positioning, has also become the primary system for distributing time and frequency. GPS delivers very(More)
Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA) is currently one of the key technologies used in structural dynamics analysis. Based on the fundamentals of system identification, it has evolved into a ‘standard’ approach in mechanical product development. Modal analysis has, from the start, focused on solving specific problems related to the testing and modeling of large(More)
This paper presents an application of the RADSER madei updating technique (ref. 1). The RADSER technique updates flnlte element rmdel parameters by solution of a linear&d set of equations that optimise the Reduced Analytical Dynamic Stiffness matrix based on Experimental Receptances. The application validates a coarse fintie element model of a subframe of a(More)
"Noise and vibration are not invented here!". Undesirable structural dynamics behavior is normally experienced on final assemblies, by which time the underlying cause of the problem is difficult to solve intuitively. Solving the problems classically involves the partial breakdown of assemblies and the application of various structural dynamics testing and(More)
Global competition requires product development cycles to bring technology innovation into new products while consistently shortening time to market. In software industry, new product releases are yearly launched to commercially better exploit technology added value. Such a fast changing scenario makes it very hard for users to get acquainted with newly(More)
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