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In this paper, we present an algorithm for run-time allocation of hardware resources to software applications. We define the sub-problem of run-time spatial mapping and demonstrate our concept for streaming applications on heterogeneous MPSoCs. The underlying algorithm and the methods used therein are implemented and their use is demonstrated with an(More)
—CλaSH is a functional hardware description language that borrows both its syntax and semantics from the functional programming language Haskell. Polymorphism and higher-order functions provide a level of abstraction and generality that allow a circuit designer to describe circuits in a more natural way than possible with the language elements found in the(More)
The supply chain management business can benefit greatly from automation, as recent developments with RFID technology shows. The use of Wireless Sensor Network technology promises to bring the next leap in efficiency and quality of service. However, current WSN system software does not yet provide the required function-ality, flexibility and safety. This(More)
In this paper, a two-step methodology is introduced to analyse the mapping of Cyclostationary Feature Detection (CFD) onto a multi-core processing platform. In the first step, the tasks to be executed by each core are determined in a structured way using techniques known from the design of array processors. In the second step, the implementation of tasks on(More)
This paper reports work on automated meta-data creation for multimedia content. The approach results in the generation of a conceptual index of the content which may then be searched via semantic categories instead of keywords. The novelty of the work is to exploit multiple sources of information relating to video content (in this case the rich range of(More)
The general concern of the Jacopini technique is the question: ``Is it consistent to extend a given lambda calculus with certain equations?'' The technique was introduced by Jacopini in 1975 in his proof that in the untyped lambda calculus 0 is easy, i.e., 0 can be assumed equal to any other (closed) term without violating the consistency of the lambda(More)
—Reduction circuits are used to reduce rows of floating point values to single values. Binary floating point operators often have deep pipelines, which may cause hazards when many consecutive rows have to be reduced. We present an algorithm by which any number of consecutive rows of arbitrary lengths can be reduced by a pipelined commutative and associative(More)
—Many multicore processors are capable of decreasing the voltage and clock frequency to save energy at the cost of an increased delay. While a large part of the theory oriented literature focuses on local dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (local DVFS), where every core's voltage and clock frequency can be set separately, this article presents an(More)