Jan Kruse

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Modern films, games and virtual reality applications are dependent on convincing computer graphics. Highly complex models are a requirement for the successful delivery of many scenes and environments. While workflows such as rendering, compositing and animation have been streamlined to accommodate increasing demands, modelling complex models is still a(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to procedural generation of urban maps for First Person Shooter (FPS) games. A multi-agent evolutionary system is employed to place streets, buildings and other items inside the Unity3D game engine, resulting in playable video game levels. A computational agent is trained using machine learning techniques to capture the(More)
Film, television and media production are subject to consistent change due to ever-evolving technological and economic environments. Accordingly, tertiary teaching of subject areas such as cinema, animation and visual effects require frequent adjustments regarding curriculum structure and pedagogy. This paper discusses a multifaceted, cross-disciplinary(More)
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