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Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is required for the clearance of bacteria in pneumococcal pneumonia. The abundance of endogenous IL-6 production on infectious stimuli is associated with genotypic differences in the -174 promoter region of IL-6 (-174 G-->C), showing increased IL-6 levels in patients carrying the GG genotype. One hundred patients with culturally proven(More)
PPO (poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)) is a well-known membrane material showing good gas separation properties. The incorporation of nanoparticles can enhance or deteriorate the performance of composite membranes, sometimes depending only on the way of the composite preparation. We have modified the PPO polymer with C60 fullerenes up to a content of(More)
Modern films, games and virtual reality applications are dependent on convincing computer graphics. Highly complex models are a requirement for the successful delivery of many scenes and environments. While workflows such as rendering, compositing and animation have been streamlined to accommodate increasing demands, modelling complex models is still a(More)
Distant healing procedures consist of benevolent intentions, often taking the form of prayers for a patient. Despite inconclusive evidence regarding distant healing, prayers are a widespread health-related technique. We studied subjective concepts of distant healing in 17 patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivity who(More)
Educational spaces within a university campus have traditionally been seen as a lecture theatre with an area set aside for tutorials. In the case of a computer-based teaching programme, this has been a computer lab, with projector, screen and lecturer at the front of the room. All teaching has usually been in semi-darkness and, as the work is(More)
In this work quark propagators are computed via distillation for mass degenerate up and down quarks using Wilson twisted mass fermions. The computations are performed on a set of 11 gauge configurations. The gauge configurations correspond to Nf = 2 + 1 + 1 mass degenerate up and down sea and valence quarks plus mass split strange and charm sea quarks. The(More)
Film, television and media production are subject to consistent change due to ever-evolving technological and economic environments. Accordingly, tertiary teaching of subject areas such as cinema, animation and visual effects require frequent adjustments regarding curriculum structure and pedagogy. This paper discusses a multifaceted, cross-disciplinary(More)
This paper describes a study that examines the impact that procedurally generated content has on the quality of gaming experience. To that end, an experimental study has been undertaken where gamers play two versions of an otherwise identical game, the only difference being that in one version the game levels are designed by a human designer and in the(More)