Jan Kozlowski

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Two hypotheses can explain the overproduction of zygotes. Bet-hedging assumes that optimal brood size varies unpredictably among breeding attempts. Excess zygotes are produced so that the number of independent offspring can be flexibly adjusted downward to the optimum number for that attempt. Selective abortion suggests that parents overproduce zygotes,(More)
A specific quality of the discussion about innovation indices (scoreboards) is that more often than not the subject is dealt with from a purely technical point of view. Such a narrow approach silently assumes that indices used as a policy tool are an accurate reflection of the phenomenon and should not be questioned, and also that the whole discussion(More)
Respiratory gas exchange in insects occurs via a branching tracheal system. The entrances to the air-filled tracheae are the spiracles, which are gate-like structures in the exoskeleton. The open or closed state of spiracles defines the three possible gas exchange patterns of insects. In resting insects, spiracles may open and close over time in a(More)
The Bioprogressive orthodontic treatment philosophy is traditionally associated with the use of brackets that have .018" slots. Proponents of the Bioprogressive philosophy suggest this slot configuration largely because they believe that lighter wires provide force levels that are within the biological limits of the periodontal support system. At the same(More)
Cell size plays a role in evolutionary and phenotypically plastic changes in body size. To examine this role, we measured the sizes of seven cell types of geckos (Paroedura picta) reared at three constant temperatures (24, 27, and 30 °C). Our results show that the cell size varies according to the body size, sex and developmental temperature, but the(More)
The text of the papers published in this volume are as submitted by the authors. No editorial intervention was undertaken by the Editors unless absolutely necessary and only as the production schedule allowed. The Editors' task was to solicit contributions and to assist in the editorial matters. Sponsors The Organizing Committee acknowledges with deep(More)
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