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In this paper we examine the diffusion of competing rumors in social networks. Two players select a disjoint subset of nodes as ini-tiators of the rumor propagation, seeking to maximize the number of persuaded nodes. We use concepts of game theory and location theory and model the selection of starting nodes for the rumors as a strategic game. We show that(More)
First of all I especially would like to thank my parents for their great support during my studies. Then I have to thank my brothers and friends which supported me greatly the last few months. Furthermore I must thank my advisor and my supervising professor who were responsible for a very beneficial research atmosphere and provided a great support. Abstract(More)
The subject of this paper is an experimental stress analysis of a rotor with a symmetrical arm end and a rotor with an asymmetrical arm end. The main aim of this paper is to test the application of the Harmonic Star Method software developed by the authors. This software analyzes stress states in rotating structural elements. The stress state of the(More)
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