Jan Kostelnik

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The concept and experimental results to manufacture electrical-optical circuit boards (EOCB) with buried optical waveguides using thin-glass sheets (display glass) are presented. An ion-exchange process was developed to manufacture the graded index waveguides in thin-glass sheets. Besides of their excellent optical properties no mechanical structuring is(More)
Electronics embedded in foil is an enabling technology for flexible electronics and for special form factors of electronic components. In contrast to strictly printed electronics, Hybrid Systems-in-Foil (HySiF), comprising thin flexible, embedded chips and large-area thin-film electronic elements, feature a versatile and reliable technological solution for(More)
The need for high data rate interconnects within computing and telecommunication equipment is continuously rising. As the performance of electrical interconnects is physically limited through the skin effect, optical interconnects can be used to overcome this problem. Within this paper some results achieved in the frame of the German research and(More)
Hybrid System in Foil (HySiF) technology has the potential to combine compact high-performance circuit integration on thin, flexible silicon chips with thin-film large-area components jointly on a polymer foil substrate. In this manuscript, such a HySiF technology demonstrator known as "Smart Skin" is presented. It contains bending stress sensors along with(More)
A new-generation interconnect for optical backplane systems based on printed circuits board is presented for transmitting data via integrated multimode polymer optical waveguides both on electro-optical transmitter/receiver processing boards and on optical backplane board. Different developments concerning this system such as optical waveguide technology,(More)
Radar sensors are already employed in production model vehicles e.g. for adaptive cruise control (ACC) systems. Further development of driver assistance systems has also led to the use of radar sensors in active safety systems (active brake assistance, collision warning, emergency braking, etc). However, the costs of manufacturing such radar-based systems,(More)
With the growing demand for mechanically flexible electrical systems and the increasing level of integration of electrical assemblies, hybrid build-ups combining polymer substrates and ultra-thin flexible silicon chips (system-in-foil) are getting more and more important. These systems need thin chips which maintain their functionality even in bent(More)