Jan Kiwi

John Milnor2
Xander Faber1
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In this note we fill in some essential details which were missing from our paper. In the case of an escape region E h with non-trivial kneading sequence, we prove that the canonical parameter t can be expressed as a holo-morphic function of the local parameter η = a −1/μ (where a is the periodic critical point). Furthermore, we prove that for any escape(More)
The parameter space S p for monic centered cubic polynomial maps with a marked critical point of period p is a smooth affine algebraic curve whose genus increases rapidly with p. Each S p consists of a compact connectedness locus together with finitely many escape regions, each of which is biholomorphic to a punctured disk and is characterized by an(More)
  • Laura Demarco, Xander Faber, Jan Kiwi
  • 2015
We study pairs (f, Γ) consisting of a non-Archimedean rational function f and a finite set of vertices Γ in the Berkovich projective line, under a certain stability hypothesis. We prove that stability can always be attained by enlarging the vertex set Γ. As a byproduct, we deduce that meromorphic maps preserving the fibers of a rationally-fibered complex(More)
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