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In the railway industry, there are nowadays different actors who would like to send or receive data from the wayside to an onboard device or vice versa. These actors are e.g., the Train Operation Company, the Train Constructing Company, a Content Provider, etc. This requires a communication module on each train and at the wayside. These modules interact(More)
The provisioning of wireless data services in the railway environment will become increasingly important for train operators and train constructors in the upcoming years. In this paper, we present models to predict train-to-wayside wireless data communications characteristics in terms of throughput, jitter, and packet loss predictions for 2G/3G networks. To(More)
In recent years, several authorsl) , 2), a) measured the dielectric losses tg d of pure and doped alkali halide single crystals in funct ion of the frequency v of the applied alternat ing field and the temperature . The peaks in the tg d versus v curves were interpreted as a relaxation phenomenon of polar associations of point defects. The activation energy(More)
Fig. 1. log pa l s Funk*ion vou I/T. O eigene Messungen, * MO~D und WALLIS~ A BLANCHARD et al., ~k PERRY, [] ANDERSON , i i , 4'o ~2 ~'~ : d,:.ZOs/T diente ein W asse rbad , dessen T e m p e r a t u r m i t e inem auf 0, t ~ ge te i l ten T h e r m o m e t e r gemessen u n d auf • ~ k o n s t a n t geha l t en wurde . Die Quecksi tbers~ule des M a n o m e t(More)
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