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A Gram-negative bacterium was isolated from river sediment which was able to grow with nitrilotriacetic acid as a combined carbon, nitrogen and energy source in the absence of molecular oxygen using nitrate as the terminal electron acceptor. Batch growth parameters and mass balances are reported for growth under both aerobic and denitrifying conditions. The(More)
In this paper we present an extended critical point concept which allows us to apply vector field topology in the case of unsteady flow. We propose a measure for unsteadiness which describes the rate of change of the velocities in a fluid element over time. This measure allows us to select particles for which topological properties remain intact inside a(More)
Progress in developing novel gas sensors based on semiconducting metal oxides (SMOX) has been hindered by the cumbersome fabrication technologies currently employed. They involve time intensive synthesis procedures for gaining sensitive materials and preparation of the inks employed for realizing sensing layers. In this paper we review the opportunities(More)
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