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In this paper we describe our approach at the PAN 2010 plagiarism detection competition. We refer to the system we have used in PAN'09. We then present the improvements we have tried since the PAN'09 competition, and their impact on the results on the development corpus. We describe our experiments with intrinsic plagiarism detection and evaluate them. We(More)
This paper describes approaches used for the Plagiarism Detection task in PAN 2013 international competition on uncovering plagiarism, authorship, and social software misuse. We present modified three-way search methodology for Source Retrieval subtask and analyse snippet similarity performance. The results show, that presented approach is adaptable in(More)
In this paper, we describe our approach at the PAN 2012 plagiarism detection competition. Our candidate retrieval system is based on extraction of three different types of web queries with narrowing their execution by skipping certain passages of an input document. Our detailed comparison system detects common features of input document pair, computing(More)
One of the toughest problems to solve when deploying an enterprise-wide full-text search system is to handle the access rights of the documents and intranet web pages correctly and effectively. Post-processing the results of general-purpose full-text search engine (filtering out the documents inaccessible to the user who sent the query) can be an expensive(More)
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