Jan Jorgensen

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Online social networks (OSNs) have experienced tremendous growth in recent years and become a de facto portal for hundreds of millions of Internet users. These OSNs offer attractive means for digital social interactions and information sharing, but also raise a number of security and privacy issues. While OSNs allow users to restrict access to shared data,(More)
In spite of the increasing popularity of international joint ventures, managers express a high level of dissatisfaction with them. This paper argues that overemphasis on the outcome has resulted in a neglect of the social processes underlying the outcome. The paper elaborates upon the rationale for a cooperative approach towards interorganizational(More)
We have seen tremendous growth in online social networks (OSNs) in recent years. These OSNs not only offer attractive means for virtual social interactions and information sharing, but also raise a number of security and privacy issues. Although OSNs allow a single user to govern access to her/his data, they currently do not provide any mechanism to enforce(More)
La prise en compte des enjeux environnementaux est bien plus qu’une mode passagère et la R&D en énergies renouvelable joue un rôle prépondérant dans la mise en place de systèmes de gestion environnementale . Cet article tente d’y voir plus clair sur l’éventail des expertises disponibles, les nuances des réseaux qui se mettent en place et de s’inspirer des(More)
The popular communication Social Networking Sites (SNS) like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc have become in style and well-liked during the past few years and are utilized by billions of individuals irrespective of their age groups for communicating either with old friends, relatives from far places or total strangers. As they allow users to both articulate(More)
A novel approach to the design of efficient digital quadrature demodulators for wide bandwidth SAR systems is described. Efficiency is obtained by setting the intermediate frequency to 1/4 the ADC sampling frequency. One channel is made filterfree by synchronizing the local oscillator with the output decimator. The filter required by the other channel is(More)
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