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BACKGROUND Chronic pulmonary regurgitation after repair of tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) may lead to right ventricular dilatation, which may be accompanied by ventricular tachycardia and sudden death. We aimed to examine the effects of pulmonary valve replacement (PVR) on (1) certain electrocardiographic markers predictive of monomorphic ventricular arrhythmia(More)
Increasing demands on user interface (UI) usability, adaptability, and dynamic behavior drives ever-growing development and maintenance complexity. Traditional UI design techniques result in complex descriptions for data presentations with significant information restatement. In addition, multiple concerns in UI development leads to descriptions that(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) is increasingly used in children in a variety of anatomical and pathophysiological conditions, but published data are scarce. OBJECTIVE To record current practice and results of CRT in paediatric and congenital heart disease. DESIGN Retrospective multicentre European survey. SETTING Paediatric(More)
AIMS To identify risk factors for left ventricular (LV) dysfunction in right ventricular (RV) pacing in the young. methods and results: Left ventricular function was evaluated in 82 paediatric patients with either non-surgical (n = 41) or surgical (n= 41) complete atrioventricular block who have been 100% RV paced for a mean period of 7.4 years. Left(More)
Increasing demands on web user interface (UI) usability, adaptability, and dynamic behavior drives ever growing development and maintenance complexity. Conventional design approaches scale poorly with such rising complexity, resulting in rapidly increasing costs. Much of the complexity centers around data presentation and processing. Recent work greatly(More)
Subtree matching is an important problem in Computer Science on which a number of tasks, such as mechanical theorem proving, term-rewriting, symbolic computation and non-procedural programming languages are based on. A systematic approach to the construction of subtree pattern matchers by deterministic pushdown automata, which read subject trees in prefix(More)