Jan-Jan van der Vyver

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Annotation efforts in biosciences have focused in past years mainly on the annotation of genomic sequences. Only very limited effort has been put into annotation schemes for pharmaceutical ligands. Here we propose annotation schemes for the ligands of four major target classes, enzymes, G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), nuclear receptors (NRs), and(More)
We investigate the consequences and perspectives resulting from a strict concept of machine autonomy. While these kinds of systems provide computationally and economically cheaper solutions than classically designed systems, their behavior is not easy to judge and predict. Analogously to human communication, a way is needed to communicate the state of the(More)
Methods for detecting patterns in noisy signals are often template based. As a consequence, a priori selections of potential pattern structures have to be made. To avoid this shortcoming, we propose a novel statistical approach based on the correlation integral. The method significantly reduces the set of appropriate templates, and also works under noisy(More)
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