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Coordinated sequential decision making of a team of cooperative agents can be described by principles of multiagent planning. Provided that the mechanics of the environment the agents act in is described as a deterministic transitions system, an appropriate planning model is MA-Strips. Multiagent planning modeled as MA-Strips prescribes exactly what(More)
E prover is a state-of-the-art theorem prover for first-order logic with equality. E prover is built around a saturation loop, where new clauses are derived by inference rules from previously derived clauses. Selection of clauses for the inference provides the main source of non-determinism and an important choice-point of the loop where the right choice(More)
Shape types are a general concept of process types which work for many process calculi. We extend the previously published PolyI system of shape types to support name restriction. We evaluate the expressiveness of the extended system by showing that shape types are more expressive than an implicitly typed π-calculus and an explicitly typed Mobile Ambi-ents.(More)
MetaI is a generic process calculus that can be instantiated by supplying rewriting rules defining an operational semantics to make numerous process calculi such as the π-calculus, the system of Mobile Ambients, and many of their variants. PolyI is a generic type system that makes a sound type system with principal types and a type inference algorithm for(More)