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BACKGROUND To assess acute (primary endpoint) and late toxicity, quality of life (QOL), biochemical or clinical failure (secondary endpoints) of a hypofractionated IMRT schedule for prostate cancer (PC). METHODS 38 men with localized PC received 66 Gy (2.64 Gy) to prostate,2 Gy to seminal vesicles (50 Gy total) using IMRT.Acute toxicity was evaluated(More)
A new method for feedstock reconstruction of industrially important hydrocarbon fractions is developed using as input the analytically determined commercial indices such as the average molecular weight, the specific density, the H/C-ratio, the paraffin, isoparaffin, olefins, naphthenes, aromatics (PIONA) weight fractions and a set of ASTM boiling points.(More)
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