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The growing popularity of mobile devices have led to the rise of mobile malware. It is also one of the reasons why amount of new mobile malware families, which are secretly connected over the internet to a remote Command & Control server, is increasing. It gives attackers possibility to create botnets for Denial of Service attacks or mining of(More)
The article presents a security solution of mapping RBAC model in to Linux kernel systems. RBAC management model represents an effective concept of mapping user organization structure to access control of computer systems objects. Definition of RBAC model roles allows declaring permitted operations with specified security policy. Based on the roles, system(More)
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is the modern approach to the construction of the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that interconnects human brain and the machine and allows to send commands to the machine directly from the central nervous system (CNS) and especially the brain. Great popularity of the Arduino microcontroller board family and integration of its(More)
The aim of this article is to describe the security field user interface for persons with reduced safety awareness. The introduction is a description of some related projects. Consequently, in this context, describes the possibilities of using GPGPU technologies and their implementation in the field of user interfaces with a focus on software ergonomics.
Nowadays, in world of modern technologies and technology society, information can be the most valuable commodity on the market and so gathering it, buy or sell it becomes the most important part of doing business. Because of the prizing, the more sophisticated ways of gathering and processing of the information are still being developed, various kinds of(More)
Obfuscation is primarily used as a tool for protecting the written code against reverse engineering. But there also exist other schemas for the obfuscation process, which primarily focus on hiding the true purpose of the written code by transforming its blocks, which causes the inability of comparison the obfuscated code sequence to code stored in database(More)
Nowadays, in this modern technology based society, information is the most valuable commodity on the market. Because of its prize, ways of stealing and misusing of the information are still being developed. This developing process is done each time by more and more sophisticated ways. To be able to react on this kind of thread, to protect sensitive data and(More)
Many industries nowadays use management and decision making based on artificial neural networks. However, the major drawback of neural networks lies in their time and computational complexity. The problem with computational complexity could be eliminated using sharing of the computing needs on multiple computing nodes. This article focuses on the(More)
Main theme of this paper lies in analysis of existing CRM systems based on their using in business across various kinds of environments, their variations in structure and pros and cons of their using in particular case studies. Based on previous research, proposal of brand new CRM system is made, with special structure based on simple yet efficient(More)
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