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We demonstrate controllable excitation of the center-of-mass longitudinal motion of a thermal antiproton plasma using a swept-frequency autoresonant drive. When the plasma is cold, dense, and highly collective in nature, we observe that the entire system behaves as a single-particle nonlinear oscillator, as predicted by a recent theory. In contrast, only a(More)
The mitochondrial enzyme, manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) is an integral component of the cell's defense against superoxide-mediated cellular damage. We have isolated and characterized four cDNA clones and the structural gene for rat MnSOD. Northern analyses using MnSOD cDNA probes detected at least five mRNAs in all tissues and cell types examined.(More)
The paper gives some basic ideas of both the construction and investigation of the properties of the Bayesian estimates of certain parametric functions of the parent exponential distribution under the model of random censorship assuming the Koziol–Green model. Various prior distributions are investigated and the corresponding estimates are derived. The(More)
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