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This paper describes one of our measures to raise students' interest for Computer Science (CS) and to provide them with a realistic idea of the field. We outline the underlying concepts and theories of InfoSphere -- the extracurricular learning environment for CS at RWTH Aachen University. After explaining the theoretical, organizational, and(More)
In the paper at hand the project design of " IGaDtools4MINT " , a research project aiming to promote gender and diversitya spects as well as an opening of the facultyc ulture of computer science, is introduced. Af irst approximation on the reasons whyw omen tend to studyc omputer science and other MINT/STEM-subjects far less often than men will be given.M(More)
By analyzing and regarding the specific multimedia interests of both sexes, two theses for creating gender-sensitive and active learning environments were developed. They focus on integrating smartphones as interesting everyday objects into computer science courses to raise motivation. In the developed learning environment the students program an Android(More)
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