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Droplet digital polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR) is a new technology that was recently commercialized to enable the precise quantification of target nucleic acids in a sample. ddPCR measures absolute quantities by counting nucleic acid molecules encapsulated in discrete, volumetrically defined, water-in-oil droplet partitions. This novel ddPCR format(More)
  • Johannes Bergsten, David T. Bilton, Tomochika Fujisawa, Miranda Elliott, Michael T. Monaghan, Michael Balke +8 others
  • 2012
Eight years after DNA barcoding was formally proposed on a large scale, CO1 sequences are rapidly accumulating from around the world. While studies to date have mostly targeted local or regional species assemblages, the recent launch of the global iBOL project (International Barcode of Life), highlights the need to understand the effects of geographical(More)
II Using adaptive optics to compensate for atmospherically induced wavefront distortions requires a remote beacon. In astronomical imaging the beacon can be the object of interest or a nearby bright star. For a satellitethe beacon can be a retroreflector illuminated by a ground-based laser. Unfortunately, dim stars don't always have bright neighbors, and we(More)
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