Jan Henke

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We introduce the concept of community-driven ontology management and demonstrate the added value to conventional ontology management of being community-driven. Further, we present an implementation of an infrastructure supporting community-driven ontology management. The implemented infrastructure was deployed as a part of the intranet at DERI ¿ Digital(More)
This deliverable delineates the state of the art of on process, business, data and epistemological ontologies that are to be used within the DIP 1 project. It presents the Semantic Web Service Usage process as a starting point to motivate the discussion, and to point out where each of the different ontologies fits. Further it introduces the different tools(More)
  • Jan Henke
  • 2006
Ontologies represent a shared understanding of some domain of interest. Therefore, tools to develop ontologies have to support this sharing in some way. However, current tools lack support of this important aspect, if they tackle it at all. Beyond this, each interactive system cannot be limited to its utility but must also make sure that this is provided in(More)
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