Jan Hendrik Carstens

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A new, fast and reliable radioimmunoassay for measurement of brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) in human plasma has been developed and its application is reported in healthy subjects and in patients with congestive heart failure, chronic renal failure, liver cirrhosis and essential hypertension. The antibody was raised in rabbits, the tracer was made by the(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this investigation was to study both the pharmacokinetics and renal pharmacodynamic properties of intravenously infused urodilatin in human beings. METHODS Twelve healthy subjects received a short-term infusion (90 minutes) of urodilatin and placebo with a graded infusion rate (from 7.5 to 15 to 30 ng.kg body weight-1.min-1) in(More)
Quantitative polymerase chain reaction (Q-PCR) studies of urine sediments have demonstrated an increased expression of cytotoxin genes during episodes of acute rejection of renal allografts. To compensate for differences in initial sample size and cDNA preparation, standard Q-PCR experiments involve normalization to a reference gene. Although stable(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Introducing the calcineurin inhibitors cyclosporin (CsA) and tacrolimus (Tac) has improved the outcome of organ transplants, but complications such as new onset diabetes mellitus after transplantation (NODAT) decrease survival rates. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH We sought, in a beta-cell culture model, to elucidate the pathogenic(More)
1. The renal efficacy of urodilatin in humans has only been partly investigated. It is unknown whether intravenously infused urodilatin has an effect on sodium reabsorption in both the proximal and distal part of the nephron. 2. Twelve healthy subjects participated in this double-blind, placebo-controlled study in a cross-over design. They received, in a(More)
1 Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz, Safe and Secure Cognitive Systems, Robert-Hooke-Str. 5, 28359 Bremen, Germany 2 Fachgebiet Simulation und Systemoptimierung, Fachbereich Informatik, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Hochschulstraße 10, 64289 Darmstadt, Germany 3 Fachbereich 3 Mathematik / Informatik, Universität Bremen, Postfach 330(More)
BACKGROUND Sodium retention and ascites are serious clinical problems in cirrhosis. Urodilatin (URO) is a peptide with paracrine effects in decreasing sodium reabsorption in the distal nephron. Our aim was to investigate the renal potency of synthetic URO on urine sodium excretion in cirrhosis patients with sodium retention and ascites. METHODS Seven(More)
The effect of a continuous infusion of human brain natriuretic peptide, 2 pmol.min-1.kg-1, during 60 min was studied in nine patients with congestive heart failure and in 10 healthy control subjects. Brain natriuretic peptide increased from 1.6 to 101 pmol/l in control subjects and from 25 to 173 pmol/l in congestive heart failure during infusion. Urinary(More)
Acute rejection remains an important cause of renal allograft dysfunction and the need for accurate diagnosis is essential to treat transplant recipients successfully. Molecular markers in urine may serve as a diagnostic tool in acute rejection, but controversy still exists regarding the uniqueness of these biomarkers. We measured mRNA of perforin (PRF),(More)
WHAT IS ALREADY KNOWN ABOUT THIS SUBJECT New onset diabetes after transplantation is related to treatment with immunosuppressive medications. Clinical studies have shown that risk of new onset diabetes is greater with tacrolimus compared with ciclosporin. The diabetogenicity of ciclosporin and tacrolimus has been attributed to both beta cell dysfunction and(More)