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Domain-specific languages (DSLs) are languages tailored to a specific application domain. They offer substantial gains in expressiveness and ease of use compared with general-purpose programming languages in their domain of application. DSL development is hard, requiring both domain knowledge and language development expertise. Few people have both. Not(More)
SDF is a formalism for the definition of syntax which is comparable to BNF in some respects, but has a wider scope in that it also covers the definition of lexical and abstract syntax. Its design and implementation are tailored towards the language designer who wants to develop new languages as well as implement existing ones in a highly interactive manner.(More)
The ASF+SDF Meta-Environment is an interactive development environment for the automatic generation of interactive systems for constructing language definitions and generating tools for them. Over the years, this system has been used in a variety of academic and commercial projects ranging from formal program manipulation to conversion of COBOL systems.(More)
The ASF+SDF Meta-Environment is an interactive language development environment whose main application areas are definition and implementation of domain-specific languages, generation of program analysis and transformation tools, and production of software renovation tools. It uses conditional rewrite rules to define the dynamic semantics and other(More)
An LR-based parser generator for arbitrary context-free grammars is described, which generates parsers by need and processes grammar modifications by updating already existing parsers. We motivate the need for these techniques in the context of interactive language definition environments, present all required algorithms, and give measurements comparing(More)