Jan Hajic

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In this paper we present UIMA – the Unstructured Information Management Architecture, an architecture and software framework for creating, discovering, composing and deploying a broad range of multi-modal analysis capabilities and integrating them with search technologies. We describe the elementary components of the framework and how they are deployed into(More)
Evaluating Optical Music Recognition (OMR) is notoriously difficult and automated end-to-end OMR evaluation metrics are not available to guide development. In " Towards a Standard Testbed for Optical Music Recognition: Definitions, Metrics, and Page Images " , Byrd and Simon-sen recently stress that a benchmarking standard is needed in the OMR community,(More)
We describe results of investigation of a specific type of discontinuous constructions, namely non-projective constructions concerning verbs and their arguments. This topic is especially important for languages with a relatively free word order, such as Czech, which is the language we have primarily worked with. For comparison, we have included some results(More)
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