Jan H. Richter

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(1-->3)-beta-D-Glucans represent highly conserved structural components of cell walls in yeast, fungi, or seaweed. However, it is still unknown how they mediate their effects. The aim of this study was to evaluate both intraperitoneal and oral application of seaweed-derived (1-->3)-beta-D-glucan Phycarine. Phycarine showed significant stimulation of(More)
Oxidative stress induces apoptosis in liver parenchymal cells. The present study demonstrates that the substitution of fructose for glucose as sole carbon source in the incubation medium reduced apoptosis due to reoxygenation up to 50% in cultured rat hepatocytes. This anti-apoptotic action of fructose cannot be explained by the effects of this sugar on the(More)
This paper provides a tutorial introduction to reconfigurable control and surveys recent advances on this topic. Control reconfiguration is an important method of fault-tolerant control that uses the results of a fault diagnosis component to restructure the control loop and to adapt the controller to the faulty plant. This paper describes recent approaches(More)
Aberrant glycosylation, which impairs recognition capability of NK cells or modifies recognition pattern of target cells, is associated with cancer. Synthetic glycoconjugates (GCs), which modulate cell glycosylation, increase the sensitivity of tumor cells to therapy or boost anti-cancer immune response. In the current study, we employed(More)
The cellular defense of Müller cells against oxidative and nitrosative stress was examined after the addition of the nitric oxide donor papanonoate. Glucose concentrations of > or = 550 microM efficiently protected the Müller cells from cell death by maintaining high ATP and glutathione and allowing only a moderate increase of free radicals.(More)
We report the clinical, histologic, and genetic findings of concurrent neuroblastoma and nephroblastoma in an infant with Fanconi's anemia (FA). Both tumors had characteristic chromosomal aberrations. In particular, the neuroblastoma showed a gain of chromosome 17q, considered an important factor for prognosis. But untypical genetic changes were also seen(More)
A reconfigurable control approach for continuous-time piecewise affine (PWA) systems subject to actuator and sensor faults is presented. The approach extends the concept of virtual actuators and virtual sensors from linear to PWA systems on the basis of the fault-hiding principle that provides the underlying conceptual idea: the fault is hidden from the(More)