Jan H. Bruinier

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For integers k ≥ 2, we study two differential operators on harmonic weak Maass forms of weight 2 − k. The operator ξ 2−k (resp. D k−1) defines a map to the space of weight k cusp forms (resp. weakly holomorphic modular forms). We leverage these operators to study coefficients of harmonic weak Maass forms. Although generic harmonic weak Maass forms are(More)
Generalizing work of Gross–Zagier and Schofer on singular moduli, we study the CM values of regularized theta lifts of harmonic Whittaker forms. We compute the archimedian part of the height pairing of arithmetic special divisors and CM cycles on Shimura varieties associated to quadratic spaces over an arbitrary totally real base field. As a special case,(More)
Harmonic weak Maass forms of half-integral weight are the subject of many recent works. They are closely related to Ramanujan's mock theta functions, their theta lifts give rise to Arakelov Green functions, and their coefficients are often related to central values and derivatives of Hecke L-functions. We present an algorithm to compute harmonic weak Maass(More)
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