Jan Gorisch

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In order to explore the influence of context on the phonetic design of talk-in-interaction, we investigated the pitch characteristics of short turns (insertions) that are produced by one speaker between turns from another speaker. We investigated the hypothesis that the speaker of the insertion designs her turn as a pitch match to the prior turn in order to(More)
This paper introduces the Aix Map Task corpus, a corpus of audio and video recordings of task-oriented dialogues. It was modelled after the original HCRC Map Task corpus. Lexical material was designed for the analysis of speech and prosody, as described in Astésano et al. (2007). The design of the lexical material, the protocol and some basic quantitative(More)
Feedback utterances are among the most frequent in dialogue. Feedback is also a crucial aspect of linguistic theories that take social interaction, involving language, into account. This paper introduces the corpora and datasets of a project scrutinizing this kind of feedback utterances in French. We present the genesis of the corpora (for a total of about(More)
Feedback utterances are among the most frequent in dialogue. Feedback is also a crucial aspect of all linguistic theories that take social interaction involving language into account. However, determining communicative functions is a notoriously difficult task both for human interpreters and systems. It involves an interpretative process that integrates(More)
Precise multimodal studies require precise synchronisation between audio and video signals. However, raw audio and audio from video recordings can be out of sync for several reasons. In order to re-synchronise them, a dynamic programming (DP) approach is presented here. Traditionally, DP is performed on the rectangular distance matrix comparing each value(More)
A trainable prosodic model called SFC (Superposition of Functional Contours), proposed by Holm and Bailly, is here confronted to German intonation. Training material is the publicly available Siemens Synthesis Corpus that provides spoken utterances for high-quality speech synthesis. We describe the labeling framework and first evaluation results that(More)
There have been several attempts to annotate communicative functions to utterances of verbal feedback in English previously. Here, we suggest an annotation scheme for verbal and non-verbal feedback utterances in French including the categories base, attitude, previous and visual. The data comprises conversations, maptasks and negotiations from which we(More)
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