Jan Gebhardt

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In this paper, we describe and compare systems for text normalization based on statistical machine translation (SMT) methods which are constructed with the support of internet users. Internet users normalize text displayed in a web interface, thereby providing a parallel corpus of normalized and nonnormalized text. With this corpus, SMT models are generated(More)
Home automation is becoming popular due to its numerous benefits. Home automation refers to the control of home appliances and domestic features by local networking or by remote control. Artificial Intelligence provides us the framework to go real-time decision and automation for Internet of Things (IoT). The work deals with discussion about different(More)
This section investigates graphical modeling as a powerful framework for drawing inferences under imprecision and uncertainty. We survey the semantical background and relevant properties of relational, probabilistic, and possibilistic networks and consider evidence propagation in such networks as well as methods for learning them from data. Whereas the(More)
Code-switching is defined as ”the alternate use of two or more languages in the same utterance or conversation” [1]. CS is a wide-spread phenomenon in multilingual communities, where multiple languages are concurrently used in a conversation. For automatic speech recognition (ASR), particularly intra-sentential code-switching poses an interesting challenge(More)
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