Jan Garcia-Morales

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Microbial population dynamics were studied during the start-up and stabilization periods in thermophilic-dry anaerobic digestion at lab-scale. The experimental protocol was defined to quantify Eubacteria and Archaea using Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) in a continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR), without recycling solids. The reactor was(More)
The distribution and accumulation of heavy metals in the sediments, especially those nearest of wastewater discharges of south of Spain, were investigated. Sediment samples from 14 locations were collected and characterised for metal content (e.g. Ni, Cu, Zn, Cr, Pb, Mn, Cd and Hg), organic carbon, total nitrogen, total phosphorous, n-hexane-extractable(More)
Knowledge of the relationship between the evolution of butyric acid, the main precursor of methane, and the methanogenic microbial population, quantified by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), is important for understating and controlling the anaerobic digestion of solid waste. In this study, a statistical analysis has been made of this relationship(More)
Biofouling frequently involves a serious impediment to achieving optimum operating conditions in heat exchangers-condensers. The economic coat and energy losses associated with this phenomenon are significant and the environmental impact of biocides must satisfy stringent regulations. A portable pilot plant has been designed in order to carry out in-situ(More)
Methanogenic activity in a thermophilic-dry anaerobic reactor was determined by comparing the amount of methane generated for each of the organic loading rates with the size of the total and specific methanogenic population, as determined by fluorescent in situ hybridization. A high correlation was evident between the total methanogenic activity and(More)
In the context of OFDMA-based 4G/5G heterogeneous cellular networks, the deployment of femtocells is a solution to increase the capacity and coverage of indoor areas. This paper presents an analytical framework allowing the downlink performance evaluation of fractional frequency reuse (FFR)-aided OFDMA-based two-tier HetNets where scheduling of both macro(More)
Interference coordination techniques are typically incorporated in OFDMA-based multi-cellular networks in order to preserve high spectral efficiencies over the whole coverage area and to improve the system capacity. Fractional frequency reuse (FFR) and its variants are employed to mitigate the inter-cell interference that particularly suffer cell-edge(More)
Concentrations of Fe, Mn, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, Cd and Hg were evaluated in surface sediments of two rivers from north of Morocco, known as Souani and Mghogha rivers. Significantly higher concentrations in mg kg(-1) dry weight (dw) of Mn (747.6 vs. 392.9), Cr (86.4 vs. 56.3), Zn (299.5 vs. 138.5) were found in sediment samples from Mghogha when compared with(More)
Characterization of organic matter in four sediments in the infuence area of wastewater discharges was carried out by both chemical and thermal analysis in order to assess their pollution level. Oxidisable organic carbon and organic matter were calculated by the standard methodology in laboratory. Thermogravimetry (TG), between 50 and 900 degrees C, was(More)