Jan G van Ommen

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The oxkfative dehydrogenatbn of ethane was studied with the use of promoted LI/MgO catalysts at temperatures of ~CICI~~CPC. The addition of known promoters, cobaft and tin, gave a slfght increase in activity but a strong decrease in sebctfvity to ethylene under the condftions used. The additlon of sodium Improved the selectMty to ethylene and suppressed the(More)
The relationship between the structure of both yttrium-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) and ZrO2 catalysts and their ability to activate N2O and O2 is studied by determination of catalytic properties and characterization with TPD, SEM, and XRD. Furthermore, the role of oxygen species formed via dissociation of either O2 or N2O in catalytic partial oxidation of(More)
The adsorption of oxygen and d2-propane (CH3CD2CH3) on a series of alkaline-earth-exchanged Y zeolite at room temperature was studied with in situ infrared spectroscopy. Surprisingly at room temperature, oxygen adsorption led to the formation of supercage M2+(O2) species. Further, at low propane coverage, propane was found to adsorb linearly on Mg2+(More)
This paper gives a review of research work in the synthesis of higher alcohols over catalysts based on Cu/ZnO/Al,O,, emphasizing three main topics: (i) the effect on selectivity of the addition of several compounds to this catalyst, (ii) the effect on selectivity of the reaction conditions used, and (iii) the reaction network leading to the different(More)
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