Jan G. Verwer

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We study the numerical time integration of Maxwell's equations from electromag-netism. Following the method of lines approach we start from a general semidiscrete Maxwell system for which a number of time-integration methods are considered. These methods have in common an explicit treatment of the curl terms. Central in our investigation is the question how(More)
A simple Gauss-Seidel technique is proposed which exploits the special form of the chemical kinetics equations. Classical Aitken extrapolation is applied to accelerate convergence. The technique is meant for implementation in stii solvers that are used in long range transport air pollution codes using operator splitting. Splitting necessarily gives rise to(More)
This article deals with an adaptive-grid finite-difference solver for time-dependent two-dimensional systems of partial differential equations. It describes the ANSI Fortran 77 code, VLUGR2, autovectorizable on the Cray Y-MP, that is based on this method. The robustness and the efficiency of the solver, both for vector and scalar processors, are illustrated(More)