Jan Friso Groote

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In this paper the question is considered in which cases a transition system specification in Plotkin style has 'good' properties and deserves the predicate 'structured'. The discussion takes place in a setting of labelled transition systems. The states of the transition systems are terms generated by a single sorted signature and the transitions between(More)
We present a general theory for the use of negative premises in the rules of Transition System Specifications (TSSs). We formulate a criterion that should be satisfied by a TSS in order to be meaningful, that is, to unequivocally define a transition relation. We also provide powerful techniques for proving that a TSS satisfies this criterion, meanwhile(More)
This chapter addresses the question how to verify distributed and communicating systems in an effective way from an explicit process algebraic standpoint. This means that all calculations are based on the axioms and principles of the process algebras. The first step towards such verifications is to extend process algebra (ACP) with equational data types(More)
HeerHugo is a propositional formula checker that determines whether a given formula is satisfiable or not. The underlying algorithm is based on a specific breadth-first search procedure, with several enhancements including unit resolution and 2-satisfiability tests. Its main ingredient is the branch/merge rule inspired by an algorithm proposed by(More)