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SUMMARY We present a novel technique for visualizing tensors in three dimensional (3D) space. Of particular interest is the visualization of stress tensors resulting from 3D numerical simulations in computational geomechanics. To this end we present three different approaches to visualizing tensors in 3D space, namely hedgehogs, hyperstreamlines and(More)
Earthquake events are among the most devastating catastrophes on Earth. Besides human casualties, they are also responsible for large damage to a variety of man-built objects. Civil engineering thus has significant interest in understanding effects of earthquakes. Induced dynamic motions will cause significant oscillations in stress and strain tensors(More)
Single photon nonlinearities based on a semiconductor quantum dot in an optical microcavity are a promising candidate for integrated optical quantum information processing nodes. In practice, however, the finite quantum dot lifetime and cavity-quantum dot coupling lead to reduced fidelity. Here we show that, with a nearly polarization degenerate microcavity(More)
I certify that I have written this thesis and the associated programs completely by myself and without ulterior help. Citations and additional other sources are referenced and can be found in the bibliography. Acknowledgements First of all I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Müller and Prof. Dr. Richter for giving me the opportunity to write a diploma thesis(More)
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