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In this paper, we present a framework for experimenting with virtual environments. The architecture of the system VRECKO is designed for the rapid prototyping of techniques for human-computer interaction. The architecture is flexible, but simple. Virtual environment entities and other components can be configured at run time. We demonstrate the flexibility(More)
This paper describes various techniques of accessing objects hidden behind obstacles in virtual environments. We show some of well known interaction techniques that are suitable for usage in this case. Next, we introduce new Head Manipulator method and several aids that allow a user to change the visibility of objects. We propose several combinations of(More)
We present a virtual reality framework (VRECKO) with an editor that is capable of creating new scenes or applications using this framework. The VRECKO system consists of objects with predefined behaviors that an application designer can dynamically change. With instances of a special object type called Ability, we may extend or change behaviors of objects(More)
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