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In this paper, we present a framework for experimenting with virtual environments. The architecture of the system VRECKO is designed for the rapid prototyping of techniques for human-computer interaction. The architecture is flexible, but simple. Virtual environment entities and other components can be configured at run time. We demonstrate the flexibility(More)
This paper describes various techniques of accessing objects hidden behind obstacles in virtual environments. We show some of well known interaction techniques that are suitable for usage in this case. Next, we introduce new Head Manipulator method and several aids that allow a user to change the visibility of objects. We propose several combinations of(More)
The interaction techniques (ITs) that are used for object selection/manipulation are very important for easier and faster user interaction with objects in virtual environment (VE). Although research in this area is very intensive, few works are interested in possibility to combine these techniques with force feedback. In this paper we present short review(More)
Anastomotic leakage is one of the most important complications that occur after surgical low anterior resection for rectal cancer. Protective ileostomy or transversostomy is used during rectal resection to reduce the consequences of rectal anastomotic failures. Many studies strictly recommend performing these protective stomies for the reduction of(More)
OBJECTIVE To review a current state of the natural orifice surgery. SUBJECT Review article and case report. SETTING Porodnicko-gynekologická klinika Pardubické krajské nemocnice, a.s. METHOD The analysis of published data and case report. CONCLUSION Natural orifice surgery makes it possible to perform intraperitoneal surgical procedures with a(More)
Objectives/Hypothesis The time course of the reinnervation of the paralyzed face after hypoglossal-facial jump nerve suture using electromyography (EMG) was assessed. The relation to the clinical outcome was analyzed. Study Design Retrospective single-center cohort study. Methods Reestablishment of motor units was studied by quantitative EMG and motor(More)
INTRODUCTION Cannulation v. subclavia is connected with many complications. Haemothorax is occurs approximately in 2% of cases. Surgical revision is indicated immediately if a major blood loss or a circulation insufficiency occur. Surgical treatment of bleeding in cupola of pleural cavity is due to its bad accesability difficult and conventional surgical(More)
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