Jan F. M. Van Impe

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Economic Model Predictive Control (EMPC) is an advanced receding horizon based control technique which optimizes an economic objective subject to potentially nonlinear dynamic equations as well as control and state constraints. The main contribution of this paper is an algorithmic differentiation (AD) based real-time EMPC algorithm including a software(More)
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) is a powerful technique that can be used to control many industrial processes. Different and often conflicting control objectives, e.g., reference tracking, disturbance rejection and minimum control effort, are typically present. Most often these objectives are translated into a single weighted sum (WS) objective(More)
In this paper we present a deterministic method for tracing the Pareto frontier in non-linear bi-objective optimization problems with equality and inequality constraints. We reformulate the bi-objective optimization problem as a parametric single-objective optimization problem with an additional Normalized Normal Equality Constraint (NNEC) similar to the(More)
Given the growing computational power of embedded controllers, the use ofmodel predictive control MPC strategies on this type of devices becomes more and more attractive. This paper investigates the use of online MPC, in which at each step, an optimization problem is solved, on both a programmable automation controller PAC and a programmable logic(More)
This dissertation gives a number of contributions to the eld of controller reduction, by providing some new frequency weighted or time-domain weighted model reduction procedures, and showing equivalences of certain reduction algorithms. 1. It is proven that Enns's well-known reduction scheme Frequency Weighted Balanced Truncation (FWBT) with certain(More)
To ensure a constant and satisfactory product quality, close monitoring of batch processes is an absolute requirement in the chemical and biochemical industry. Principal Component Analysis (PCA)-based techniques exploit historical databases for fault detection and diagnosis of the current batch run. To handle the dynamic nature of batch processes, dedicated(More)
Streptomyces lividans has shown potential as an expression system for heterologous proteins. Overexpression of proteic factors important for heterologous protein production is a valuable approach to improve yields of such proteins. Comparative transcriptomic analysis revealed that several genes were differentially expressed in strains involved in(More)