Jan F Kischkat

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The complex refractive index components, n and k, have been studied for thin films of several common dielectric materials with a low to medium refractive index as functions of wavelength and stoichiometry for mid-infrared (MIR) wavelengths within the range 1.54-14.29 μm (700-6500 cm(-1)). The materials silicon oxide, silicon nitride, aluminum oxide,(More)
A passively alignment-stabilized external cavity quantum cascade laser (EC-QCL) employing a "cat's eye"-type retroreflector and an ultra-narrowband transmissive interference filter for wavelength selection is demonstrated and experimentally investigated. Compared with conventional grating-tuned ECQCLs, the setup is nearly two orders of magnitude more stable(More)
A gas sensor integrating a pulsed external-cavity quantum-cascade laser and a photoacoustic (PA) cell placed inside the laser cavity is described. The laser design allows a continuously tunable and mode-hop-free operation with an estimated instrument-limited linewidth of 0.063  cm<sup>-1</sup> in Littrow or Littman-Metcalf cavity configurations. Due to(More)
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